My first blog post may as well start off with the distinctive, legendary colours of Sampdoria and how they became my second love (after Burnley FC) at the tender age of 10.

My first memory of Sampdoria was a crushing defeat to a Ronald Koeman free kick, in the 1991-1992 European Cup Final.
Barcelona donned an awful orange away kit, however the amazing mix of colours in the Sampdoria away shirt stayed in my memory for much longer.

From that night, Samp were my ‘second’ team. I was in love with ‘I Blucerchiati’, which translates to ‘The Blue-Hooped’.

An older lad who lived on the next street to me, in my hometown of Burnley used to give me his ‘hand-me-downs’ of football shirts once the novelty wore off for him.

Just after the Samp v Barca Cup Final, he passed on a shirt to me which I still remember to this day.
It was the 1990-1991 Sampdoria home shirt, which was emblazoned with the circular scudetto patch.

For ages after, when playing football I used to pretend to be Vialli, Mancini, Lombardo and strangely, Pietro Vierchowod as I saw myself as a bit of an enforcer at the back, however my ambitions and capabilities were completely the wrong way around due to my skinny frame!

To my delight, Football Italia hosted by James Richardson came to air on Channel 4 in the UK the following season.
I can still hear the distinctive “Golazio” to this day.

My love for Italian football grew, mainly due to Sky TV getting the rights for the newly formed Premier League in the UK, meaning that the only football on terrestrial television was a live Italian game on Sunday, FA Cup games, Match Of The Day and the Football Italia highlights package.

We currently have a great 1992-1994 Sampdoria Home Shirt in stock, which was manufactured by Asics and is in XL.

Sampdoria have not hit the dizzy heights since 1991, but I still follow them and collect their shirts.

Samp were formed in 1946 when two Genovese clubs amalgamated into one.
Sampierdarenese and Andrea Doria became Unione Calcio Sampdoria.

If you are also a fan or follower of Italian Football, then I would strongly suggest that you pay a visit to a bar called ‘Golazio’.
Tim, the owner is an Italian football loving guy from Ilkley in West Yorkshire and he, like I, has turned his love for football into a business. My partner and I spent a few hours in this bar back in October and can’t wait to visit again.
Tim pays homage to 1990’s Italian football.
What could be better than Pizza, craft beer, re-runs of 90s Italian football and retro gaming consoles? http://golaziolondon.com/

I formed my football shirt business in December 2017 and it has proved to be highly successful.
I love selling high quality football shirts from around the world and it has gone from strength to strength in the last twelve months.
The journey has seen my offering grow from seven shirts to the four hundred mark, with 350 plus sales.

Being a massive football fan is the main driver for me, I love the feeling of selling football shirts. It is not the financial side of it that gives me the buzz, but the feeling of knowing that a football fan somewhere in the world has bought a top quality shirt from Football Shirt Warehouse.

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